Welcome to Random Golf Club

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About RGC

At RGC, we proudly strive to be the biggest and most inclusive golf club in the world, yet our defining characteristic goes beyond strict rules or formalities. It revolves around embracing the very essence of what makes golf special—the extraordinary places it takes us, the invaluable lessons it imparts, and the unforgettable connections we forge along the way.

Why You Should Join

What we have is simple - an app designed to bring people together. From URL to IRL, Random Golf Club was born from that moment on the first tee when you never know who you're going to meet. Our membership plans aim to create more opportunities like this for more people.

And this is just the beginning.

On our roadmap are monthly meetups in your area, local and global tournaments, member tee time booking, nationwide course access and benefits, bucket list trips, massive golf events (bigger than you've ever seen), handicapping, easy lessons and way more. We plan to update membership with meaningful benefits regularly.